Unexpected But Reasonable - A TIGERCRUSHER salesman received

Following after the large order of 100 million yuan, which was made early in 2013 by TIGERCRUSHER Crushing Department, Kevin from TIGERCRUSHER International Business Department made another three orders in March. According to TIGERCRUSHER quarterly report, sales in the first quarter accounts for 43% of the annual sales target, around 36% regarding the year-on-year growth.
Three orders is not big deal, but one received in one month is kind of unexpected. Kevin said,"If something needs to be summarized for the small success, I think it would be sincerity, accumulation and perseveration." It took nearly three years for Kevin’s customer to investigate the project before contacting with Kevin. After being well aware of TIGERCRUSHER, and paying a visit to the production sites of  TIGERCRUSHER’s customers, Kevin’s customer decided to sign the contract with TIGERCRUSHER immediately. When recalled the process of business, Kevin expressed his opinion, "I believe that each order is on the basis of trust. I always keep close contact with my customers, and called them almost every day."
Of these three orders, one from Argentina customers is relative difficult. One and a half year was spent before reaching an agreement by both sides. During this period, except for the daily contact through Skype, more than 380 emails were sent to the customers. Regarding the requirements from customers, the design drawings were modified for many times. "During the process, many rivals gave up", explained by Kevin, "I would made detailed remarks upon each customers, include our emails info., date of communication, customer’s intention, visit plan and so on. In this way, I would be clearly aware of each business, and could better provide effective services for my customers. "
Such an example is not uncommon in TIGERCRUSHER. Relying on our service concept of "sincerity, profession, efficiency and customization", each TIGERCRUSHER-er is committed to provide a better quality and services to our customers.