TigerCrusher engineer in Libya safely evacuated

Recently, the security situation in Libya has been changed greatly, so the safety of Shanghai TigerCrusher engineer has been the biggest concern of TigerCrusher employees .The day before yesterday, good news came that with the orderly improvement of the Chinese government’s evacuation plan, TigerCrusher engineers Wang had safely evacuated of the territory of Libya into Tunisia, and will soon be back to the china.
Libya is one of the TigerCrusher major markets in North Africa, in recent years, we cooperated frequently in infrastructure construction projects, and TigerCrusher also sent permanent engineers to install in Libya. After Libyan unrest, the company at the first place reaches the connection with installation engineers Mr. Lee, at the same time the chairman declared that the company will do everything to help him leave, and make the person responsible for the safe return of him. After the break of the cell phone signal, Lee used wireless card to keep in touch with the company, "We watched him 24 hours is displayed as on-line state, make sure he is 100% safe", several colleagues still haunt that sleepless nights. 
At the same time, the Chinese government is waging an unprecedented scale of national rescue operations; China has the largest evacuation of personnel actions are out of Libya in order. Up till now, owing to the government’s swift action and effective diplomacy, more than twenty thousand Chinese citizens safely evacuated Libya, which includes TigerCrusher engineers Lee. After reaching Tunisia, Lee sent a message back, hanging heart of the company’s colleagues were able to put down, and immediately notify the good new to his family in China.