Factors Affecting the Crushing Force of Jaw Crusher

Crushing force is one of the main parameters of primary jaw crusher, and analyzing crushing force has an important guiding meaning to improving the crushing effect of stone jaw crusher. Determining the crushing force of a jaw crusher needs to analyze the influencing factors which will be explained here in detail.

1. The mode of action on materials

The crushing of ores and rocks generally adopts mechanical crushing method, and the modes of action of crushing machines include crushing, splitting, bending, grinding and impacting. As for hard ores, it is suitable to use bending and impacting for crushing; as for crisp ores, bending and splitting will be good; as for tensile and sticky materials, it is better to adopt grinding method for crushing. Jaw crushing machine mainly crushes materials with crushing and bending, and the difference of mode of action on materials determines the crushing force.

2. The motion of movable jaw

The trajectory distribution of the points on movable jaw is relatively reasonable and its horizontal throw gradually decrease along the jaw plate of movable jaw, which can just satisfy the requirement for increasing the amount of compression when crushing large materials, and the lower end of movable jaw will move downward in the discharging process. The staff of TigerCrusher Machinery introduces that the movable jaw of jaw crusher China does complicated planar motion and the upper movement locus is oval similar to round.

3. The property of materials

The properties of materials include stickiness, hardness and compression strength. Different materials have different compression strength, and the crushing force produced is also different, for this reason, the computational formula of crushing force of PE jaw crusher should contain the parameters of mechanical property of materials. In addition, the particle shape of materials will also influence the crushing force of Mini jaw crusher.

4. The movement of tooth plate

When the movable tooth plate moves, the stress on the tooth plate is free-running on the upper and lower part, and they are opposite in some working areas. The crushing process will produce crushing force, but the discharging process will not produce crushing force, for this reason, the crushing force in different working areas is different.
Analyzing the influencing factors of crushing force of jaw crushing machine is conducive to setting up the computational formula of its crushing force, as it is the foundation of the strength and stiffness of the spare parts of this crushing equipment and has great significance to ensuring normal operation of the crusher and extending its service life.