Vibrating Feeder

Processing capacity: 50-700T/h

Output size: 300-1000mm

Applied material: 1.5KW-37KW


Product Introduction:

Vibrating feeder in the working process can feed massive, granular materials from storage bin evenly, timing, and continuously into the device. In the sand and gravel production line, vibrating feeder can feed the crushing machine continuously and evenly, and can make the coarse screening of material. It is widely used for crushing and screening combination equipment in metallurgy, coal mine, ore dressing, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries.

Belt Conveyor


1. strong adaptability especially for a variety of cohesive rock and working in a dusty or water more environment; high adaptability and less investment.

2. adopting the double eccentric shaft as the excitation source; stable amplitude, good continuity; vibration force is adjustable to ensure the liquidity of the material.

3. small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, no rotating parts and components, fewer wearing parts, small investment, less electric consumption, high cost performance.

Operating Principle:

Vibrating feeder is composed of feeding trough, vibration exciter, spring support, gear, etc. Vibration source of tank vibration feeding is vibration exciter. Vibration exciter is made up of two eccentric shafts (drive and driven) and gears. Through the triangle belt, the motor drives the drive shaft to make the cog of the drive shaft mesh and rotate with driven shaft. Drive and driven shaft rotate reversely together to vibrate the trough and the materials flow continuously to reach the purpose of material feeding.

Technical parameters of Vibrating Feeder

Model Chute Size
Max. Feed Size
Eccentric shaft rotation speed
Overall Dimension
GZD-250×75 2500×750 300   50-80 2580×1430×600 1.5×2 1.29
GZD-300×90 3000×900 450   80-100 3050×1430×1550 3.0×2 2.96
GZD-370×100 3700×1050 500   100-150 3980×1878×866 3.7×2 3.7
GZD-490×110 4900×1100 580   120-280 5200×1900×950 5.5×2 4
GZD-500×120 5000×1200 600   200-400 5450×2000×900 5.5×2 5.2
ZSW-380×96 3800×960 500 500-720 100-160 3882×1684×1340 11 4.21
ZSW-490×110 4900×1100 580 500-800 120-280 4957×1841×1365 15 5.41
ZSW-590×110 5900×1100 600 500-800 200-350 6000×1841×1365 22 6.05
ZSW-600×130 6000×1300 600 600-850 600-700 6000×2073×1384 30 6.4
ZSW-600×150 6000×1500 1000 600-850 600-700 6000×2231×1384 37 7.05

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