HGM Series of ultra-fine Grinding Machine

Processing capacity: 0.3-10t/h

Output size: 0.038mm-0.0065mm

Applied material: Metallurgy, mining, building materials, petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, water and electricit

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Product Introduction:

HGM series of ultra-fine grinding machine is high-efficient and low cost ultra-fine processing equipment. Adopted the advantages of the domestic and foreign manufacturers, our company developed this new series of machine based on many years practical experience with full investigation, research and experiment. It is the quintessence of advanced technology and is the latest product to replace the traditional grinding machine in international ultra-fine processing field.

ultra-fine Grinding Machine


1. High efficiency: In the same final size and power, the capacity of this mill will be more than twice as high as that of jet mill, agitation mill and ball mill.

2. Long service life of wearing parts: grinding roller and grinding ring is made of special material, which increases the usage degree. Under the condition of the same material and finished product granularity, comparing with impact crusher and turbine crusher parts, long service life is 2-3times longer and generally can reach more than a year. When processing calcium carbonate, calcite, service life can be up to 2 to 5 years.

3. High safety and reliability: due to the grinding chamber rolling bearings, screws, therefore, the problem of quick-wear of the bearings and sealing elements will not exist, there is no easily-loose screw to destroy machine.

4. High fineness of products: product fineness of one-time can achieve d97 less than 5 microns.

5. Environmental protection: the use of pulse dust catcher and the muffler to reduce dust pollution and noise; achieving national environmental standards; no pollution to the surrounding environment.

Operating Principle:

Structure of main machine includes host speed reducer, crushing system, and separating system.
When the machine working, hammer crusher crushes the large block of material to fine size. The elevator will send the fine-size material to the storage hopper. Then vibrating feeder will evenly feed material throng the oblique feeding tube to the material distributing tray at the top of the turn table. The main bearing and each turn table are driven by electromotor of main machine through reducer, and numbers of roller which are rolling in the ring, are craven by the turn table through roller pins.
Materials disperse to the periphery with the eccentric force and fall into the ring. Materials are crushed by rollers' press, rolling and grinding. Materials fall into the secondary and third crusher after the primary crushing. With the pumping action of high pressure eccentric blower, the machine takes in outer air as well as the materials after-third-crushing to the powder concentrators.
The spinning turbine of the powder concentrators resend the coarse material to grind again. And meanwhile, fine powder along with the airflow flows to the cyclone collector and becomes finished production out from the bottom discharging valves. The airflow with small amount of fine powder is discharged from blower and muffler after purified by pulse dust collector.

Technical parameters of Ultra-fine Grinding Machine

Model Diameter running roller and roller way Max. Feed Size
Fineness of final products Capacity
Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension 
number of running roller number of roller way Micron mesh Main Frame Powder Concentrator Blower
HGM60 600 15 3 ≤10 5-45 300-3000 350-2500 37 11 30 10×2×5.5
HGM80 800 21 3 ≤20 5-45 300-3000 600-4000 55 18.5 45 11.9×2.7 ×5.8
HGM100 1000 27 3 ≤20 5-45 300-3000 900-6000 90 30 75 14.5×3.8 ×6.3
HGM125 1300 40-44 3-4 ≤20 5-45 300-3000 1500-12000 160 55 200 14.5×9×10.25

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