GXF Complex Fine Crusher

Processing capacity: 40-1200 T/h

Output size: ≤ 40 mm

Applied material: Especially suitable for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt, etc

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Product Introduction:

This machine is used for cement, building materials, mining and other industries to crush the material of not more than 200 mpa compressive strength. Multimode elastic adjusting mechanism, effective control of the discharging granularity; Unique design, hydraulic chassis on rear cover (manual) can be opened. This makes replace parts, maintenance more convenient. It rewrote the cement raw meal preparation, reduced a third of the investment in equipment, save half of the energy consumption and save a lot of maintenance costs.

cone crusher


1. Low equipment cost.

2. Multi-cavity crushing chamber combination.

3. Fine and even granularity.

4. Course broken and fine broken two-in-one, simplify the process.

Operating Principle:

GXF efficient composite crusher throws block material from the hopper into the cavity. Materials hit the hammerhead in high speed of rotation. Materials are primary crushed in the hammer hit area by the action between hammerhead and impact plate. After times of high frequent hammer hits and impacting, materials pile on medium septum so as to slide down to dump tray of the high speed rotating bottom rotor. Then materials are thrown in high speed to hit the impact plate and impacted, crushed and ground by moving hammer plate. And therefore, materials fall in their self-weight and would be composed crushing, impacting and grinding repeatedly. By this way, the ultra-fine production is produced.

Technical parameters:

Model Max. feed size
Average discharge size
Overall Dimension
GXF-40 100 0-3 40-50 1754×2176×1659 55 8.8
GXF-50 150 3-5 50-70 2138×2590×2021 90 13
GXF-60 200 3-5 70-90 2524×2716×2325 110 16
GXF-80 200 3-5 90-100 2524×2866×2325 132 20
GXF-100 200 5-8 110-160 2550×3120×2670 200 23
GXF-120 200 5-8 170-260 2922×3564×2900 250 32
GXF-160 200 5-10 170-280 3121×3754×3150 315 38

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