Four Roller Crusher

Processing capacity: 2-350 T/h

Output size: ≤ 90mm

Applied material: coke, coal, ceramic materials, ores, slag, gypsum, clay, salt, chemicals and other solid materials.


Product Introduction:

Four Roller Crusher is suitable for crushing solid materials that compression strength less than 300Mpa, moisture less than 30%, such as coke, coal, ceramic materials, ores, slag, gypsum, clay, salt, chemicals and other solid materials. Features: reliable performance, low maintenance, high crushing ratio, low dust, low noise.

The four rollers of the crusher can be made up with: four welding roller or four flat roll, two flat and two welding rollers. According to the granularity and user’s requirements, we can choose the proper combination. It is a good choice for feed size less than 90mm, finished size 0.2-10mm technical requirements. It can be used in many fields such as iron and steel plant crushing coke, coking plant crushing coal, quartz industry crushing quartz stone, iron ore in crushing industry, or at similar crushing occasions.

Impact crusher


1. Hydraulic Controlling System; 

2. Stable Performance; 

3. Low Cost.

4. Long Service Life;

Operating Principle:

Four Roller Crusher is fixed with four high-strength wear-resistant alloy grinding rollers. Their relative rotation makes high extrusion pressure and shear force for crushing the material. Firstly, the material is entered into the space between the top two rollers. Here, it is extruded, pressed and sheared (thick broken) because of the relative rotation of the top two rollers. Then, it is secondly extruded and gnawingly milled (fine crushing) by the middle two rollers which are relatively rotating. Finally, under the extrusion, cut and mill of the next two rollers, the material becomes the required size and sent by the transport equipment.
Technical parameters

Model Feed Sizemm Output Sizemm CapacityT/h PowerkW Protection Mode Transmission Mode
4PG0404PT <20 0.2-10 2-30 7.5(11) 11(15) Spring/
4PG0605PT <40 0.2-10 5-60 22(30) 30(37)
4PG0806PT <60 0.2-10 8-90 30(37) 37(45)
4PG0809PT(Y) <60 0.2-10 12-120 37(45) 45(55)
4PG0812PT(Y) <60 0.2-10 20-180 45(55) 55(75)
4PG1012PT(Y) <80 0.2-10 30-220 55(75) 75(90)
4PG1212PT(Y) <90 0.2-10 45-260 75(90) 90(110)
4PG1216PT(Y) <90 0.2-10 55-300 90(110) 110(132)
4PG1219PT(Y) <90 0.2-10 70-350 110(132) 132(160)

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